WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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  • Why you should get a pod device even if you prefer sub-ohm tanks

Why you should get a pod device even if you prefer sub-ohm tanks


Do you ever tear your room apart looking for your mod, and find it under your pillow because you fell asleep with it in your hand? Do you carry so much vape gear around that you're thinking about getting a roadie?
Believe me, I know the close relationship you have with your mod. I understand your passion for churning out dense billows like a steam engine.
But, unfortunately, not everyone else does.
Which is why you really do need a backup— something small and simple— for when blowing huge clouds and carrying hardware around isn't ideal.
Pod systems might not be quite as much fun as box mods, but they're super simple, and having one as a backup WILL make your life easier.
They fit in your pocket like a stick of gum, with no need to carry extra batteries, chargers, spare tanks, or even extra juice since they go through it so slowly. There's no fuss over wattage and ohms and coils. Just a button.
They also produce much smaller, more discreet clouds, which is desirable in situations we find ourselves in almost every day.
Like going to work, for instance. Or on a date, or to a restaurant. Or going... pretty much anywhere out in public. Sometimes you just want to catch a quick puff and not the attention and unsolicited commentary of everyone within a square mile of you.
Oh yeah, and driving.
So I'm going to make you a sweet deal and get you ALL set up with a quick, easy, lightweight backup backup. For emergencies and special occasions.
So now that you agree that you should have a pod system, you need to make an important decision. Do you want to go with a refillable system or use pre-filled, disposable pods?
Now look, full disclosure here– We make e-juice. In fact, we make e-juice for refillable pod systems which you can buy right on this page. Now that we've acknowledged my bias, let's talk cold hard facts. Refilling a pod with your own e-juice is WAY less expensive than buying pre-filled pods. Take a look at this and tell me it's not a no-brainer...
A bottle of Hometown Hero SALTED is 50ml. A four-pack of JUUL pods contains 2.8ml of e-juice (0.7ml per pod). So one bottle of Hometown Hero SALTED is equivalent to 68 pods. That's 17 four-packs costing well over $300. The cheapest you could possibly get 17 four-packs of pods is $255. A bottle of Hometown Hero SALTED costs $25.
Would you rather pay $5.71 or $0.50  per ml ?

We're not talking about marginal savings here. We're talking five bucks vs. fifty cents per ml. It's not a tough choice. I could be charitable and say pre-filled pods are slightly more convenient, but unless you're buying them in bulk, that's 17 trips to the store, or 17 online orders, shelling out close to $20 each time. How is that more convenient? It's not like filling a pod is hard or anything. You stick the nozzle in, squeeze, and put the cap back on. If you can squeeze toothpaste onto your toothbrush you can refill your pod.
In the Artist Rock bundle you get the Rock Pod plus a 50ml bottle of your choice from our Salted Artist Series. In the Lazer Rock bundle, you get a Rock Pod with a 30ml bottle of your choice from our Salted Lazer Wolf. 
For under $35, you'll have a whole set-up. And you will be glad you do more often than you think. Get your Salted Bundle right down below.