How to Refill a JUUL Pod

Stop wasting money buying JUUL Pods!!!

In this video, I teach you how to refill them with your favorite MTL/pod system juice!

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The JUUL is one of the most popular pod systems on the market. Some of the most frequent questions I get are about how to refill the JUUL pods. I will be making videos on a bunch of different MTL / pod systems showing you how to fill their "unfillable" pods/ cartridges. 


The juice that comes in the pre-filled JUUL pods sucks. Are you stuck with their ejuice in your JUUL? No, you are not. With a little bit of effort, you can actually pop them open and fill them with your favorite juice. In this video, I'm going to show you how. 


I am not a huge fan of the ejuice that comes in the JUUL pods. It's expensive and your options for flavors are limited to only what they offer.  As of late 2019, JUUL only offers 3 flavors (Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, and Menthol).  Flavors like Mango, Fruit, Cucumber, Creme, and Mint are no longer available from JUUL so you'll have to be creative to get the flavors you want.   But no worries, you can save yourself money and use the ejuice you love. 


The pods are not meant to be opened and refilled, but you can do it. 


The black cap is what needs to come off of the cartridge. What you need to do is pry this little black cap off with a flat head screwdriver. Be careful not to stab yourself in the finger. You need to get the wedge up underneath this cap and pull up so that it's up over the plastic clamp and keep that one off as you go over to the other side and do the same thing. 


Once you have the black cap off, take off the rubber piece. Make sure you don't lose it because it needs to go back in. Then grab your favorite pod vape juice and fill it up to the line. Don't fill it past the line. Make sure you put the rubber piece back where it used to be and slide the black plastic cap back on. 


You may also want to consider buying a Boulder Rock. We have tried all of the pod vape systems on the market, and this is by far, our favorite. It is also one of the most affordable. We only sell gear that we use personally and endorse wholeheartedly. 

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