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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Flavor Profile: Introducing Witch Doctor

Hometown Hero Witch Doctor, the seventh flavor added to the Hometown Hero Vapor product line, has an interesting backstory to match its unique vaping experience and taste. This is the most complex flavor blend in the Hometown Hero roster. It combines a sweet flavor with hints of chocolate and rich tobacco leaf. The experts at Hometown Hero Vapor worked with Ron at Austin's Vapor Project store to synthesize the flavor blend. Like all our flavor blends, Witch Doctor went through thousands of variations over three months of work before the perfect taste was found. We're very happy with the results - and so are our customers (more on that further down).


The indelible artwork for the Witch Doctor flavor was created by Austin-based artist skeez181, and the image was based on a graffiti portrait skeez created for Austin's east side. Don't worry, the graffiti was sanctioned; ATX is an artist-friendly city - a stance with which Hometown Hero agrees. Like all of the local artists who make our brand imagery, skeez181 (or the man behind the name) is receiving 1% of all profits from sales of Witch Doctor.


And if you think you see a similarity in style between Witch Doctor and another Hometown Hero Vapor flavor, Why So Cereal, you've got good eyes for art. Skeez181 was the mind behind the  artwork for the best cereal ejuice, as well.


Our Witch Doctor flavor has built up a large cult following, and stands as one of Hometown Hero's most popular flavors in the online space. The combination of the bold flavor blend, unnerving artwork and Hometown Hero's affordable prices make it a winner for everyone from beginner vapers to experienced users who rock the 6 and 9 mg blends. If you haven't tried Hometown Hero Witch Doctor yet, take the opportunity today to buy ejuice online (pick either a 60 or 100ml bottle) at the Hometown Hero online store or from one of the 2600 stores worldwide that carry Hometown Hero Vapor products.


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Hometown Hero Vapor is an ejuice manufacturer based in Austin, TX. Since opening in 2015, Hometown Hero has grown in the U.S. and beyond. Today our products are available in over 2600 stores. This not only makes Hometown Hero one of the biggest ejuice manufacturers in the world, it's also one of the fastest-growing. In addition to offering affordable ejuice to our consumer base, we also strive to provide the best customer service, the highest quality eliquids, and the finest ejuice flavors which can be vaped all day long.