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With new PMTA guidelines going into effect next month, on September 9th many of our fellow eJuice brothers and sisters are being forced to close down their doors. As our friends over at Freeman Vape Juice are one of the casualties of this new process, we are looking to support their customers with some Hometown Hero alternatives to Freeman Vape Juice best ejuices.

Best Freeman Vape Juice

1) 1885 eJuice

Freeman Vape Juice 1885A little known fact is that the year 1885 saw the birth of an American icon, the milkshake. Freeman’s 1885 ejuice revives the original vanilla milkshake recipe into the perfect dessert vape, with its authentic vanilla flavor coming directly from the vanilla bean.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Lazer Wolf Ultra

Lazer Wolf Ultra eJuiceIf it is the vanilla taste you’re looking for, then look no further. Our Ultra eJuice will wallop your senses with the taste of hot sticky buns covered with melted icing and a creamy vanilla ice cream exhale that will have you feeling like you're cheating on your diet with every hit.

Hometown Hero Crunchy

Hometown Hero Crunchy eJuiceWe designed crunchy with one goal in mind, to make a taste that reminded everyone of that crunchy & gooey marshmallow taste you get when biting into another dessert icon, the Rice Krispy Treats. We think we did a pretty good job.

Hometown Hero Legend

Hometown Hero LegendIf you’re looking for a sweet dessert vape to replace Freeman’s 1885 ejuice, then our very own Legend ejuice should do the trick. It might not be vanilla ice cream flavor but it does combine the creamy flavor of bananas with the rich sweetness of rum.

2) Jungle eJuice

Freeman Vape Juice JungleFreeman Jungle eJuice is a harmonious mixture of amazing vapor flavors with three essential fruity treats all packed inside. A three-part symphony, featuring kiwi, strawberry, and banana that will be music to your tastebuds.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Lazer Wolf Turbo

Lazer Wolf Turbo eJuiceAn ejuice with a taste akin to a margarita fresh out of the blender, our Turbo eJuice will transport you poolside with a refreshing mix of strawberry, agave, and lime.

Hometown Hero Angel Tears

Hometown Hero Angel Tears eJuiceThe thing that makes Freeman’s Jungle eJuice special is the amazing mixtures of fruits that will refresh your taste buds with every hit. Our Angel Tears eJuice was made as a homage to everyone’s favorite fruity and refreshing snow cone flavor, Tiger Blood with a flavor mixture of watermelon, blueberries, and coconut.

Leviathan Fathom

Leviathan Fathom eJuiceIf a blend of fruity treats is what you want in your ejuice, then you need to get your hands on our Fathom ejuice! A delicious premium blend of mango, ripe strawberries, and yogurt, this vape will send you into blissful relaxation.

3) Cococaine Ejuice

Freeman Vape Juice CocoaineThis Freeman’s eJuice might be a bit hard to put down. Freeman’s Cococaine eJuice tastes like if you took a very crunchy, delicious cookie and topped it with toasted coconut. A very balanced flavor, that will keep you coming back for more, every time.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Hometown Hero Angel Tears

Hometown Hero Angel Tears eJuiceIf the coconut from Freeman’s Cococaine eJuice is what you have fallen in love with, then our Angel Tears eJuice should be a delightful and refreshing treat as it is a refreshing concoction of watermelon, berries and coconut.

Hometown Hero Crunchy

Hometown Hero Crunchy eJuiceMight not taste like cookies, but it does taste like another fan-favorite snack, the classic Rice Krispy Treat. If you like buttery, cereal, dessert flavors it will be hard to find something that beats our Crunchy eJuice.

4) Homecoming eJuice

Freeman Vape Juice Homecoming eJuiceFreeman’s Homecoming Strawberry and Rice Pudding ejuice has quickly become a favorite amongst their community, a sweet, strawberry vape combined with all of the rich, creamy smoothness of your favorite rice pudding.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Hometown Hero Red Dream

Hometown Hero Red Dream eJuiceWe took the classic taste of strawberry vapes & cream but decided to add our own little twist, the taste of savory, sweet kettle corn. Though this taste might sound a bit unusual, but everyone who tries this ejuice sure seems to fall in love with this unique vape.

Hometown Hero Crunchy

Hometown Hero Crunchy eJuiceMight not taste like rice pudding, but it sure does taste like Rice Krispy. Get that crunchy & gooey taste of marshmallows with a buttery finish that will taste just as good as your clouds look.

5) Icebound eJuice

Freeman Vape Juice Icebound eJuiceFreeman’s Icebound eJuice is a truly authentic menthol e-juice flavor, carefully mixed with ripe blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and topped off with a delicious watermelon flavor. That delicious mixture of fruit top of the menthol flavor leaves an end result of an indulgent, cool vapor refreshment.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Lazer Wolf Neon

Lazer Wolf Neon eJuiceWhat makes Freeman’s Icebound eJuice special is that it has a great mixture of menthol and fruit flavoring. Our Neon eJuice has a similar approach to its flavor, but instead of menthol mixed with berries, we mixed menthol with the taste of candy peach rings for a truly delightful inhale.

Hometown Hero Angel’s Breath

Hometown Hero Angel's Breath eJuiceOur Angel’s Breath eJuice has a cool refreshing inhale with the taste of watermelon and sweet berries, but a cooling exhale with coconut and menthol. Even those who have claimed to hate menthol-flavored vapes can’t get enough of this all-day vape.

Hometown Hero Ambrosia

Hometown Hero Ambrosia eJuiceWith a lush melon over a bright citrus background mixed with sweet berries throughout, Ambrosia is about as unique as it gets when it comes to ejuice and will quench any sweet cravings you might have when looking for a new ejuice.

Freeman vape juice

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