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Everything You'll Ever Need To Know About The Sweet NEW BOTTLES

To stay compliant with the coming FDA regulations, we redesigned all of the bottles in The Artist Series. In doing so, we also switched over to Chubby Gorilla bottles. There were a few changes included in the redesign that have caused some confusion, so I'd like to clear it all up right here. If you read no further than to the end of this sentence, just know that the changes we've made are purely cosmetic and nothing has changed about any of the flavors. That said, let's take a look at the new bottles and get excited about how much cooler they are. And bear with me as I reiterate the fact that none of the flavors have changed (not even a little bit).

First, let's look at what has changed with the 50ml bottles. The difference you're most likely to detect is that these are now 60ml bottles. WOAH! And yet the price remains exactly the same. Next, you'll notice that our new labels have gorgeous warnings on the bottom. These new bottles are SLICK.

Would you look at that?! 10 extra ml on us! 

Now check out these stumpy 100ml bottles. The new label design for each flavor simply matches its new 60ml counterpart. The big difference here is that we've ditched the boxes. Why put an unnecessary barrier in between you and your precious e-juice and muck up the environment? We're going green here and putting these fat little bottles directly into your hands. 

Same size, but with much more modern look. Now, this is where I'm going to start to sound a little repetitive. A few of the new labels feature slight changes to the verbiage in the flavor descriptions. However, rest assured that no flavor has been changed. Let's take a closer look at these specific adjustments.


Sun Drops is still sweet. When we say "passion fruit tea" we are not talking about an Earl Gray, an Oolong, or even a green tea. No, this is still some down-home southern sweet tea right here. And those sweet tropical floral notes? That's passion fruit, baby. And not the big yellow bulbous variety– we're talking about little purple passion fruits here. Would you like to take a day-cation to flavor town? Grab a bottle of Sun Drops. 


Legend has a huge, loyal and particularly rambunctious following. It's a strong flavor for people with strong personalities. The last thing they want is for us to take their rum from them. I assure you, we haven't. We wouldn't do you like that. Have we replaced the rum with cream? Nope. It was creamy the whole time. 


Where'd the coconut go? Did we take coconut out of the mix? Nope. Angel Tears still has that same hint of coconut it's always had. Only now it comes in a bigger, more handsome, FDA compliant Chubby Gorilla bottle.


Angel's Breath is still a frozen version of Angel Tears, with a cool coconut, berries and watermelon flavor. Nothing to see here. Classic Angel's Breath as it's always been.


Same forlorn cyborgs gazing deep into each other's cold bionic eyes. Same strawberry cream and kettle corn flavor you're used to. The only thing that's changed here is that now you're getting a bigger bottle of Red Dream for the same old price.