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If you’ve been following Hometown Hero for the past year, you know what we’re big into emailing specials. One of the most popular specials that we run is our BOGO ejuice! We run these deals at least once a month in both 60ml sizes and 100ml sizes. To get in on this BOGO ejuice, make sure to sign up for our email newsletter to get notified the next time we do this sale!

Just scroll down the the bottom of our site and sign up and sign up for our newsletter there!

Hometown Hero Vape Juice

100ml Bottles of eJuice

Five years ago, Hometown Hero was founded to provide the best quality vape juice online at a reasonable price. Not only do we have lower prices than many of the big-name juice companies, but we run consistent specials that help our customers save even more money.

The BOGO ejuice deal that Hometown Hero runs every month is exactly what it sounds like! All you have to do is buy two bottles of your favorite flavor and nicotine level, and you’ll get two bottles completely free. Just add all four bottles to your cart, and you’ll see the price of 2 drops off at checkout.

Vape Juice BOGO Deals

Hometown Hero’s BOGO vape juice special isn’t the only deal we run! Once you sign up for our email list, you’ll get the inside scoop on every vape juice deal we run. Sometimes, this will be a flat 20% off your entire order, and for others, it’s getting a free bottle of ejuice with any purchase!

By taking advantage of Hometown Hero’s regular vape juice deals, you’ll never pay full price for ejuice again. Every Tuesday morning, we send out that week’s sales, so you stock up on the juice you love at a price that’s easy on the pocketbook. These vape juice deals also give you the chance to try out some of our other unique flavors!

BOGO eJuice and a Guarantee

Hometown Hero eJuice Across America

Let’s say you want to branch out. Try something new and see how you like it. Unfortunately, with most online stores, if you don’t like something, you’re stuck with it! But not with Hometown Hero!

Hometown Hero offers a Worry-Free Guarantee on all of the vape juice that we sell. This includes full-priced or even BOGO vape juice. If you don’t like it, no worries! We send you a return label for the vape juice you didn’t like and send you out a new one completely free!

You don’t have to be stuck with vape juice you don’t like or relegate it to the “back-up” juice drawer. Within a couple of days, you have the new juice in your hands and ready to vape. Even if you ordered eight bottles from our BOGO ejuice deal and didn’t like a single one (everyone’s tastes are different after all), you can return all eight bottles to us and get eight new bottles!

You can even get free ejuice just to sample if this is your first time trying Hometown Hero.

Hometown Hero’s Work With Veterans

DAV Check with Hometown Hero

Giving back is a HUGE part of why we do this! Every year, Hometown Hero writes checks to organizations that help veterans. Just last year (2020), we wrote checks to the Texas VFW and DAV totaling $25,000 that goes directly towards helping veterans.

Running these BOGO ejuice specials and other deals on vape juice helps us with our mission. The more one of these ejuice specials work for us, the more money we can give to veterans and the more juice we can get into the hands of our amazing customers. Win, win, win!

Never Miss a eJuice BOGO Sale

If you’re interested in getting in on these BOGO ejuice sales and other vape juice deals, just sign up for our newsletter! Once you’re a part of the Hometown Hero ejuice email newsletter, you’ll never miss one of our amazing specials.

Every Tuesday, you’ll get an email from Sam letting you know about the deal of the week! That could be a free bottle of juice with every order, a free LINE of juice with every order, or our BOGO ejuice sale! Whatever the deal is, it’s always a great way to save money on the vape juice you love.

Quality BOGO eJuice

Hometown Hero Cleanroom

Hometown Hero’s makes our vape juice with top of the line ingredients that have been quality test and ensured to have unparalleled purity. Even the nicotine that we use in our products is a step above our competitors. Our nicotine BEATS EU standards (which are more stringent than US standards) for purity.

All of the base ingredients for our ejuice are sourced from industry-leading manufacturing facilities and distributors. We have high standards for the ingredients we use in our products to ensure they are of the highest quality and purity possible.

Once these base ingredients are brought into our facility, they are mixed and bottled in an ISO cleanroom. Our staff wears personal protective equipment, and we rigorously train them in handling these ingredients to prevent contamination. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to make the best possible products.

Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you! Just send us a message, give us a call, or jump onto our live chat. We’re in the office during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST.

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