WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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The Best eJuice Ever

The worldwide vaping community is growing at an exponential rate. Just look around and you'll notice more people are joining the vaping world. While vapor is providing fun and satisfaction to its users (known as vapers), it is also creating a dawning economic empire. Growth of independent sub-industries and businesses around vaping can be seen in the form of vape labs, bars, boutiques and cafes. For vapers, even if your proximity to vape shops is limited the development of online platforms has provided easier access to the same good stuff. There is an immense amount of brands, blends and vapor styles of ejuice in existence.  Finding the best ejuice ever is a personal process, but we work hard to make sure we are the one stop shop for the vast majority of customers.   As a vaper, finding the right flavor is a rather daunting task. With the vast information available on the internet, most vapors find it hard to choose the best brand to trust. While there are plenty of juices that have been vetted and approved for consumption by vaping companies, though, none of these brands gives you a sense of belonging like Hometown Hero Vapor. We've been in the market for two years, and with the introduction of lower prices and increased vapor choice we're positioning Hometown Hero as a go-to brand.  

About Our Brand

Hometown Hero Vapor was founded in July 2015 and is located in Austin, Texas. Our primary focus is to manufacture, distribute and sell quality e-juice products online to millions of clients worldwide. Initially Hometown Hero was developed to ensure quality eliquid to our family and colleagues. Through word of mouth, the small business turned into the company it is today with thousands of vapers enjoying our products daily. Currently, we are one of the fastest growing eliquid companies in existence. Some of our top-rated eliquid products are:
  1. Angel's Breath
  2. Ambrosia
  3. Rice Crispy Treats
  4. Red Dream
  5. Angel Tears

Why Hometown Hero?

Hometown Hero is staffed with high-end professionals who are experts in the production of vapor products. We provide tasty and exotic e-cigarette liquid with the finest flavors that ensure all day enjoyment. Our company offers a competitive market price that is affordable to every vapor lover. We can boast a decreased cost per milliliter and the use of a larger bottle size, and with over 1500 stores stocked with our reliably excellent products we guarantee easier access for users both online and offline.   Our eliquid is made of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol - also referred by vapor experts as a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Our vegetable glycerin is USP, Kosher and has a 99.7% purity. Our propylene glycol has a 99. 8% purity and is USP and Kosher. The 11 distinct flavors in our line are mixes of both artificial and natural flavorings. To create our impeccable eliquids, most of our flavors undergo a 3-month production process and are tested through 1000 variations in order to make the best ejuice ever.   Hometown Hero uses nicotine which meets or exceeds European Union (EU) standards - AKA the highest quality nicotine available. Having met the guidelines of the EU (which has extremely tight standards), Hometown Hero is confident that we use some of the finest nicotine in the vapor industry. The icing on the cake: we package our ejuice products in bigger bottles than any other brand at affordable rates. Therefore, we can guarantee more value for your money than any other eliquid brand.

Our Contributions

Apart from production of vapor products, Hometown Hero also gives back to our community. We are a veteran-owned company, and we have ensured a continuous donation of 1% of our profits to the Disabled American Veterans. Here at Hometown Hero Vapor we also value talent and creativity. In recognition and support of our local Austin artists, we provide an additional 1% of our profits to the artists responsible for our fine label artwork.

Benefits of Shopping with us

With our ejuice roster available in over 1500 stores and an accessible online platform, it is exceedingly simple to purchase Hometown Hero ejuice products. The online store also offers exclusive offers and products that may not be found in a store near you. As a new name in the vapor industry, we are aiming at providing the best vaping experience to our customers. The advantages of purchasing our products include:
  1. Competitive ejuice prices
  2. Increased ejuice quantity with our larger bottles
  3. Excellent customer service
  4. 11 exotic, quality flavors
  5. High quality standards
  6. Support for the DAV community and local Austin artists
Determining the best ejuice brand involves reviewing multiple aspects surrounding the production of eliquid. The flavors of ejuice are crucial, obviously, but the public perception of an ejuice product depends on the opinion of vapers. Some eliquids are head and shoulders above others due to both distinct production processes used, and the public's reaction to those strategies. In other words, the vaping community knows what it likes, which is why Hometown Hero is ideally situated in the current market. We're vapers ourselves, and we're creating top-quality ejuice products that meet our standards. We invite you to give us a visit, take a look around and decide for yourself if Hometown Hero Vapor is the "Best eJuice Ever."