Affordable eJuice For a Great Cause
Hometown Hero Vapor is an ejuice manufacturer based in Austin, TX. Since opening in 2015, Hometown Hero has grown in the U.S. and beyond. Today our products are available in over 1500 stores. This not only makes Hometown Hero one of the biggest ejuice manufacturers in the world, it's also one of the fastest-growing. In addition to offering affordable ejuice to our consumer base, we also strive to provide the best customer service, the highest quality eliquids, and the finest ejuice flavors which can be vaped all day long (without vaper's tongue!).

Who We Are

As a veteran-owned company, we donate 1% of our profits to the Disabled American Veterans ( We also donate an additional 1% of our profits to the local Austin artists who create the artwork for the labels in our line. We have an unwavering focus on providing the very best, highest-quality liquids on the market while giving back to those who have served our country and to the creative minds responsible for the amazing artwork for our eliquids.

What sets us apart from other manufacturers

We have the most affordable ejuice you will find; we sell our ejuice in larger bottles than our competitors, and for a far lower price. We don't produce hundreds of flavors, but instead focus on quality, taste, and using the finest ingredient blends for producing our ejuices. We use USP, Kosher VG (vegetable glycerin at 99.7% purity), and PG (propylene glycol at 99.8% purity). Further, the nicotine we use meets all standards for nicotine guidelines set in the US as well as European Union (which has some of the strictest standards in the world). Our eliquids are a 70/30 (VG/PG) ratio, resulting in good cloud density and a rich flavor which you will enjoy with each puff.

Our Affordable eJuice

In developing our affordable ejuices we use both natural and artificial flavorings to reach the best blends. We take a great deal of time in developing our ejuices, ensuring we only sell high quality, rich flavors to our customer base. This has made us one of the leading ejuice developers, and one of the most sought after eliquid vendors online and in 1500 stores worldwide. To develop our ejuices, we go through a rigorous testing and creation process. On average, we take up to three months time to develop our liquids. Therefore, we know we are producing distinctive blends our customers are sure to appreciate. During this 3-month period, our expert team runs approximately 1000 variations of each flavor blend to ensure a perfect taste. We not only tinker with the flavoring: we also add to the juices, placing a major focus on choosing the best ingredients and testing different combinations of our eliquids. When they're ready, we're confident our customers will love our flavor blends

Flavor Blends

Some of our best-selling flavors we are:
  1. Ambrosia (a blend of ripe citrus and berry blends)
  2. Angel Tears (a blend of fresh berries, watermelon, and coconut)
  3. Angel's Breath (A frozen version of the Angel Tears blend)
  4. Red Dream (an strawberry cream and kettle corn blend)
These are just a few of the creative, distinct flavor combinations we sell on our site. We additionally carry seven additional flavor blends which customers can purchase directly through our webstore. Because we strive to produce the most delectable blends, we take a great deal of time doing research, combining distinct flavor combinations, and coming up with the creative names for our flavor profiles and blends. The result? A rich flavor, deep and refreshing inhales and exhales, and the finest quality eliquid you can find on the market today - both online and offline. When you add in the fact that we sell our juices in much larger bottles than our competitors, and for very reasonable prices, you can't go wrong choosing our blends.

Why purchase your eliquids with us?

If our commitment to veterans and our desire to sell the most affordable ejuice on the market isn't enough, our rich flavor blends and profiles should convince you. Add in the fact that we run our eliquids through extremely stringent testing guidelines to ensure the finest blends, plus nicotine which meets the most stringent testing standards worldwide, and you won't find many products that compare to what we offer on our website or in one of the many stores around the world that carry Hometown Hero Vapor. Whether you are brand new to vaping - or have been doing so for years and simply want a new, rich, refreshing blend to try - look no further than Hometown Hero Vapor. We make a concerted effort to provide our customers with the most affordable ejuice pricing possible. We also focus on producing rich blends and strive to provide our customers the best service in the industry. Visit our site today to learn more about our product blends. And if you are ready, visit our online store to place an order. Here's to happy vaping!
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