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What Hometown Hero Vapor is All About

Hometown Hero was founded in July 2015 to provide quality and affordable e juice to groups of family and friends. Over the past two years, our company has become an international supplier of the best ejuice at affordable prices. We're located in Austin, Texas, but our family extends to a global level. Hometown Hero e juice is currently available in over 2600 stores worldwide. We are the fastest growing ejuice company in the country and we are extending our reach to a vast population (which you should be a part of). Here are the reasons why:

Quality Affordable e Juice Products

Our company specializes in supply and distribution of ejuice (also known as eliquid). Ejuice is the liquid used in vapes. We manufacture the best affordable e juice on the market. We know that our stuff is the best because our flavors can be vaped all day without experiencing the dreaded vaper's tongue. We use 70% of vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol, forming a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. We also use USP, a Kosher vegetable glycerin that assures 99.7% purity, and propylene glycol with 99.8% purity. We apply both natural and artificial flavoring. The standard procedure to create our flavors takes an average of three months and thousands of variations. This methodical process is how we can assure that the ejuice we supply and distribute is of the highest quality.

Superior Customer Service

Our clients are the foundation on which we built our company. That's why we strive to give vapers everywhere the highest satisfaction possible. One way we achieve this is through our ejuice pricing. In Hometown Hero's opinion, eliquid is overpriced in the general vaping market. Our company, however, offers realistic and affordable e juice prices to our customers. We also distribute and sell our products online; this enables easy accessibility for our clients and reaches a wider market of future clients who are not yet familiar with our product. Our team is constantly working to improve the quality of our ejuice, with our clients’ diverse and different preferences taken into consideration. One example of the improvements we've made is in our nicotine standards, which exceed the EU and US guidelines. This is impressive when one considers that the EU has some of the strictest standards on nicotine in the world.

Variety Products

A quality that makes our products and customer service stand above our competition is the variety we offer. Hometown Hero Vapor supplies a total of 11 different ejuice flavors, so our clients can enjoy the availability of options to choose from. The flavors also have kick-ass names with blended fruit flavors to differentiate their tastes. Some of these flavors include: Angel Tears accented with watermelons, berries, and coconuts, Red Dream flavored by strawberry cream and kettle corn, and Sun Drops imbued with passion fruit and sweet tea. These are just a few examples - check out the whole flavor lineup at our website. To conclude, Hometown Hero Vapor is a veteran-owned company. Not only do we take care of our business, we do our part to take care of society as well by donating 1% of our profits to Disabled American Veterans (www.dav.org). Our family is growing fast, and we have room for many more. So join us today.  You become a part of the best vapor company in Texas, and you get affordable ejuice in return.

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