About The New FDA Compliant Packaging

The FDA treats vape and e-cig products like tobacco, and are exercising far more control than previously. Ejuice packaging must now adhere to the same regulations as cigarettes. Which means instead of the old warning that could be subtly worked into the design, we now have a very standardized set of guidelines to follow.

The new warning labels must be centered with the logo itself and cover 30% of the packaging. You see this on our JUST line, the new Lazer Wolf 100ml's and will see it on all of our brands moving forward. 

Needless to say, we have been hard at work redesigning everything to stay compliant. You'll soon see this monstrosity on all of our labels as well as the labels of any ejuice company trying to stay in the good graces of federal law.

That's about it. Just wanted to mention that this is a nationwide requirement and not some kind of bizarre design choice. On the bright side, the new Artist Series 100ml bottles look awesome despite having these huge warning labels.

Also, no more boxes. After we sell what we've got in stock, we won't be doing boxes anymore.

So if you're into boxes, hurry up and order now since these will surely be highly prized collector's items one day. 

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